USPS delivered

We’ve got mail, so let the fun begin. The bulk of our returned mailers are delivered by the US Postal Service (USPS) around mid-morning in gray trays.

Mail will be mixed together, so the first task is to separate the mailers by CD. Most mailers will have a colored stripe extending to the right of the large turquoise band. Remember, CD8 stripe is yellow; CD10 stripe is green; CD11 stripe is purple, and Herndon stripe is orange. UOCAVAs have the CD colored stripes with the extra white block marked “UOCAVA”. Emails will typically come in a user-provided envelope, however, so you will need to check those carefully. After you fill a CD tray, do a quick scan to verify that the tray contains only one CD.

Within each CD, separate the mailers by domestic, UOCAVA and emails.

As you’re going through the tray, pull any mailers that were not able to be delivered to the voter by the post office. Those returned mailers are known as “undeliverables”. These envelopes are larger in size than the other mailers so they’re easy to spot in the tray. Pull all undeliverables and place them in the black tray for further processing by another team.