date, count, open

You’ve now completed a quick scan of all the envelopes in each tray so only one CD or Herndon is contained in one or more of the USPS trays. Now it’s time to date, count by CD, and open each returned mailer received in today’s mail. All three actions are done automatically by machine, the Omation IM-410.

Beginning with CD8, place the returned mailers in the machine’s feeder. The machine will automatically, stamp the date, count, and open each envelope. Take the stack of envelopes that have been through the machine, and place those mailers in red trays. Each red tray will be labeled with a hang tag identifying each CD and Herndon.

Once all mailers from the same CD have been run thru the machine, read the number of envelopes counted by the machine and record that number count on the “returned ballot count sheet”. IMPORTANT: before you begin processing the returned mailers for the next Congressional District, check the surrounding area to make sure all returned mailers from the previous CD have been run through the machine AND that you have “zeroed” the number count on the Omation IM-410 touch pad.