Names match domestic

Picture it, instead of being outside on a lovely sunny day, you’re sitting inside at your work table with a red tray full of returned mailers needing your attention. Take one of the mailers out of the red tray. Pull out the “B” envelope and if needed, turn it around so the voter information on the “B” envelope is facing the front of the returned mailer. You should be able to see the voter’s name on both the return address label and “B” envelope at the same time. The envelope in your hand should look like the picture on the slide.

Compare the names on both envelopes. In this case, they match, so reinsert the “B” envelope back into the mailer and return the mailer to your red tray. You need to keep separate the mailers where the names have been verified from the mailers that are yet to be done. A common method is to take a piece of paper or a completed returned mailer, turn it on its end, and place all other completed mailers behind it. There are other ways to make this separation, but the method doesn’t matter. What is important is to keep the completed and not completed mailers apart so you don’t double your work by forgetting where you started and stopped.

When you have finished your red tray, place that tray in a rack with the other completed red trays. The trays will be grouped in the rack by CDs and Herndon. Remember all the returned mailers from one CD have to be reviewed before everyone moves on to the next CD group for processing.