CAP Positions

One chief officer (CAP Chief) is responsible for all CAP operations across the three Fairfax County congressional districts (CDs) and will complete the CAP Statement of Results (SOR) at close of business. Assistant chiefs aid the chief as needed and perform the duties of the chief in his/her absence.

Election officers are responsible for administering the absentee voting process. This may include serving as a check-in officer, electronic pollbook (EPB) officer and/or ballot officer to process absentee ballots, serving as a member of the ballot preparation team and serving as a member of a handcount team.

The handcount team physically counts all ballots that cannot be digitally scanned.

The closer team is responsible for obtaining data from the voting machines used at the in-person absentee voting locations when there are multiple locations. EOs may be asked to assist the closers.

The scan team operates the DS850 high-speed digital scan voting machine.

Poll watchers and other authorized individuals may be present in the polling place for periods of time on Election Day. Poll watchers are party or candidate representatives with written authorization. They are authorized to hear and observe CAP activities, but may not interfere with the orderly conduct of the election or touch or handle any ballot, voting machine or official document.