Voter Submission – A Voter in an Envelope

On election day, when a voter arrives at his polling location, he provides his name and address and presents identification, all before he is able to cast his ballot. Of course, the process is very different for an authorized absentee voter who is casting his ballot by mail.

An absentee voter who is taking advantage of the Vote By Mail option must submit a ballot packet (i.e. voter submission) that contains, at a minimum, 3 components:

  • An outer mailer
  • A “B” envelope inside the outer mailer
  • A ballot inside the “B” envelope

These 3 components may look different based on the status and location of the voter, but they will always be there.

For a CAP election officer, the “B” envelope is very important during ballot processing. The “B” envelope represents the absentee voter. On the B envelope, the voter is stating his name and address. In lieu of presenting identification, the voter provides his signature attesting that the information is correct.

Note that in some instances, a voter must provide additional documentation. This 4th component will also be placed in the outer mailer. We will talk about these specific instances later.