Ballot Processing Teams – 2 EOs

On election day, ballot processing is completed by teams of 2 election officers. It is a best practice to become familiar with the responsibilities and functions of each team member, allowing for flexibility during the day.

EO#1 is the Check-in Officer. The Check-in officer will review the information on the voter’s B envelope to determine whether the information is complete. The Check-in officer will also clearly read the name and address of the absentee voter from the B envelope to…

EO#2, who is the EPB Officer. The EPB Officer locates the correct absentee voter in the electronic poll book, verifies that the information on the voter’s B envelope is correct, and checks the voter in on the EPB.

Once EO#2 checks the voter in on the EPB and verbally confirms that the check-in is complete, EO#1 opens the B envelope and passes the voter’s complete submission packet to EO#2. EO#2 removes the ballot from the B envelope and places it, FOLDED, in the appropriate ballot box.