You will also find a selection of stickers at your workstation.

Rejected Ballot Sticker: If an election officer team determines that a voter’s B envelope contains material omissions or that required documentation is incomplete, affix a Rejected Ballot sticker to the lower left-hand corner of the outer mailer. Ensure that the reason for rejection is clearly marked on the sticker and that each EO has signed the sticker.

Provisional Ballot Sticker: A moss green Provisional Ballot sticker is placed in the lower right-hand corner of the outer mailer under the chief’s direction. This sticker indicates to the chief that an issue may exist and further research needs to take place before this ballot can be accepted/rejected.

ID Provisional Sticker: A bright green ID Provisional Ballot sticker is used when a voter has not provided an Identification Document (ID) as required. This is usually a first-time voter who has opted to vote by mail. This voter must provide an acceptable form of identification with his ballot. If this voter does not provide this ID, place the ID Provisional sticker in the upper right-hand corner of the mailer; this voter has until Friday to bring an acceptable form of identification to the Office of Elections. Thus, the ballot is considered “provisional” until the voter presents his ID.