Electronic Pollbook - EPB

The Electronic Pollbook (EPB) contains information on ALL registered voters in Fairfax County. Voter information is downloaded onto a thumbdrive from the state-wide voter data base not later than the Monday morning before election day.

In CAP, however, we are only interested in the registered Fairfax County voters who have applied for and received authorization to Vote By Mail.

Because the data is downloaded before election day, you may encounter a voter whose name is not on the EPB; for example, there are a limited number of reasons a voter may came to the office on Monday and vote an emergency ballot. This voter’s name will not appear in the pollbook. In such a case, CALL THE CHIEF.

The chief will set up the EPBs before election officers arrive on election day. During the day, NEVER close the EPB lid, log off, or turn the computer off.

Also, note the thumbdrive in the image above. Be careful that the thumbdrive does not become dislodged during the day.