EPB Start Screen

When teams arrive at their workstations on election day, they will see the EPB Start Screen. Let’s take a tour of this Start Screen.

In the upper left-hand corner: Locate the Checked-in number. As teams process ballots during the day, this number increases. The pollbooks within a room are networked, so this number will increase faster than the progress of any one team.

Under the checked in number:

  • Locate the Search Fields: Typically, you will search using a last name, but it is also possible to search by Voter ID number or address.
  • Note that Search is set at Advanced and the Absentee field indicates “true”. By placing the word “true” in the Absentee field, a search will only reveal voters who are authorized to vote by mail.

In the upper right-hand corner: Locate the green “Search” button and the “Clear” button. The Clear button clears all the data on the page. When your team takes a break, clear the screen to protect the poll book information. After the break, ensure that you reset the Advanced search and re-enter “true” in the Absentee field.

In the bottom right-hand corner: Locate the connectivity information. Keep an eye on this throughout the day. Ensure that the EPB is connected to the power source and that the correct number of EPBs are networked.

In center screen: Search results will appear here.