Checking in the voter on the EPB

What to expect when you check in a voter on an EPB:

Elisabeth Marie Ambrose has submitted an absentee ballot by mail. EO#1 has determined that her B envelope is complete; there are no material omissions.

EO#1 reads the first two or three letters of the last name from the B envelope: “am”. EO#2 types “am” into the last name field and clicks on the green search button (or hits the enter key).

A list of possible voters appears in center screen. EO#1 may now provide the voter’s full name as written on the B envelope. EO#2 finds the correct voter and looks for the AB icon in front of the voter’s name. Her absentee status is “MARKED”. Remember, this status must read “Issued” or “Marked” for you to proceed.

EO #2 then selects the correct voter by clicking on the voter’s name. “Ambrose, Elizabeth Marie”.