UOCAVA B Envelopes

The UOCAVA B envelope, however, is very different.

No address is required. No date is required. In fact, the voter does not even have to provide a printed name.

What is required? Only the voter’s signature (the witness signature requirement is waived for the November 2020 election).

In dealing with a UOCAVA voter, the voter’s printed name on the B envelope may be illegible or even missing. Therefore, it may not be possible for EO#1 to discern the correct spelling of the voter’s name for search on the EPB. In this case, you may refer to the voter’s name on the preprinted return address label on the outer mailer. Make every effort to ensure that the correct voter is chosen on the EPB.

The check-in procedures for accepted and rejected UOCAVA ballots are the same as for domestic ballots.

As always, remove the ballot from accepted UOCAVA B envelopes only after the voter is checked in and confirmed. Place ballots in the large cardboard ballot box. Place mailers with empty B envelopes in the appropriate table box.

As always, do not remove ballots from rejected B envelopes. Complete the rejected sticker and affix it to the UOCAVA mailer. Place entire UOCAVA mailer with unopened B envelope in the rejected table box.