Request for Assistance Form

The Request for Assistance form has 3 sections.

  • Instructions

  • If the voter or his assistant chooses “Yes, I need assistance”,the assistant must complete both the form and the B envelope correctly.

  • If the voter voter chooses “No”, the blue form may be returned blank, but the voter must complete the B envelope correctly.

  • Voter information: The assistant must complete this section. “Unable to Sign” or “Blind Voter” must appear on the voter signature line. In some instances, the voter may actually sign on the signature line. If the voter provides his signature on the form, he must also sign the B envelope.

  • Assistant’s information: Name, address and signature of assistant must appear on the form.

If the Needs Assistance form is complete and correct, the voter’s signature can be missing from the B envelope, but no other material omissions may be present.

If the Needs Assistance form is incorrectly completed and/or the B envelope contains material omissions, this voter’s ballot must be rejected.

Make sure to refer to the Material Omissions chart. If there are still questions, call the chief.

The blue Needs Assistance form should remain with the mailer.