ID Required Mailer

Note the “ID Required” which appears on the preprinted return address label. This voter has registered by mail, so he must present an identification document (ID) before voting for the first time.

EO#1 must look for a copy of an acceptable form of ID in the mailer. Remember, the voter may have placed it in the B envelope with the ballot. The acceptable forms of ID are listed in the HAVA guidelines on your worktable.

If the ID is acceptable and the B envelope is complete, check the voter in on the EPB as usual. Remove the ballot from the B envelope and place the ballot in the appropriate ballot box. The ID will remain in the mailer.

If the ID is acceptable, but the B envelope contains material omissions, the voter’s ballot will be rejected. As with all rejections, check the voter in after clicking on the rejected flag. Do not remove the ballot from the B envelope. After completing and affixing a rejected sticker, place the mailer with all contents in the Rejected Ballot table box.