ID Required Mailer

What do you do if the voter does not enclose an ID in the mailer? This voter actually has a number of days post-election to bring an acceptable ID to the Office of Elections.

Even if no identification is present in the mailer, EO#1 must evaluate the B envelope.

Is the ID missing but the B envelope completed correctly? Place a bright green provisional sticker on the upper right-hand corner of the mailer. Be sure to enter the correct Congressional District for this voter from the return address label. DO NOT CHECK THIS VOTER IN! Place the mailer with all contents intact into the Void/Provisional table box.

Is the ID missing and the B envelope contains material omissions? This ballot will be rejected. Check the voter in, using the rejected flag on the voter’s detail page. Do not remove the ballot from the B envelope. Place the mailer with all contents in the Rejected Ballot table box.