Handcount Team – 3 Functions

There are three essential functions for handcount team members.

EO #1 is the Ballot Officer. The Ballot Officer receives and counts a stack of ballots, then announces the ballot count to the first Recording Officer. The Ballot Officer reads each ballot and announces the name of each contest and the name of the candidate who received the vote. If the voter chose to write in a different name for a contest, the Ballot Officer will announce the name that was written in. After completing a ballot, it is placed face down in a receiving box.

EO #2s are Recording Officers. These are the EOs who record the votes on tally sheets and EOs who record the names of write-in candidates. The EO who has the first page of the tally sheets also records the number of ballots that the Ballot Officer counted.

EO #3 is the Verifying Officer. This EO is the independent verifier for all of the handcount team activities. He or she checks the ballot count, ensures the Ballot Officer is reading the ballots correctly and completely, ensures Recording Officers are recording vote tally marks or write-in names correctly and helps clear the table after all ballots have been read. A handcount team may require more than one verifying officer.