Preprocessing Positions 2020

One preprocessing team leader is responsible for overseeing all operations for all shifts and for completing the cumulative daily paperwork.

Two to four shift leaders will supervise teams to ensure correct procedures are followed, manage the daily shift paperwork, and ensure that ballots are properly secured at the end of each shift.

Preprocessors, working in teams of two, are responsible for administering the pre-election ballot processing procedures. This will include serving as a ballot officer and/or VERIS officer while processing ballots. Further, each team is responsible for accurately recording counts on Ballot Count Worksheets and reconciling these counts at the end of the shift.

Poll watchers and other authorized individuals may be present in the preprocessing rooms. Poll watchers are party or candidate representatives with written authorization. They are authorized to hear and observe preprocessing activities, but may not interfere with the orderly conduct of the operation, touch/handle any ballot, or examine information on the VERIS computer screens.