What's at Your Workstation

The tools of the preprocessing trade include:

  • A candy box with stationery supplies
  • A white distribution box to hold unprocessed ballots
  • A ballot count worksheet
  • Two reference documents for accurate ballot processing: Material Omissions chart and HAVA (Help America Vote Act) guidelines
  • Bar code reader
  • Three clear plastic collection boxes labeled for “Mailers with B Envelopes”, “Saved in VERIS”, and “Not Processed.”
  • A computer with VERIS access.
  • A large cardboard box at the end of the workstation to collect the FOLDED ballots after removal from the voters’ B envelopes.

A quick word about the “Not Processed” table box. This box is used for any voter’s submission that you are unable to process, for reasons we will discuss later. When placing a mailer in this box, ensure that nothing is removed from the mailer. The mailer must include all contents mailed back to the office by the voter, including the B envelope and the ballot.