Acceptable Names

Let’s take a moment to discuss what is acceptable in the name field on the B envelope. To demonstrate, we will use a voter named Robert Matthew Jones. Robert Matthew Jones is the name that will appear on the address label.

  • The voter must include his full first name and full last name. For example: Robert Jones. However, a voter may provide only the initial of his first name if a full middle name is included. For example: R. Matthew Jones

  • The voter may include his name in an order different from “first, middle, last”. For example: Jones, Robert.

  • A middle name is not required or a middle initial may be substituted. For example: Robert M. Jones.

  • A voter may provide a recognized nickname. For example: Bob Jones

  • Be cautious when generational suffixes (Jr., Sr., I, II, III) are included. Ensure that you are checking in the correct voter.

Your goal is to positively identify the voter to the best of your ability.