Request for Assistance

Some voters have indicated on their absentee ballot applications that they will need assistance to complete their B envelopes and/or to mark their ballots. The letters NA (Needs Assistance) will appear on the on the right side of the preprinted return address label.

If assistance is requested, the voter will receive a blue “Request for Assistance” form. In most cases, a completed blue form will be returned in the mailer along with the B envelope. If you see a blue form in the mailer, do NOT process this mailer. Place the mailer with all contents in the “Not Processed” table box.

Sometimes the Request for Assistance form is placed inside the B envelope. The Ballot Officer may open the B envelope slightly to check if it is inside. If the blue form is inside the B envelope, place the mailer with all contents in the “Not Processed” table box.

When reviewing the B envelope of a Needs Assistance (NA) voter, the Ballot Officer may observe that the voter actually signed the B envelope. Perhaps this voter no longer needs assistance or the original request for the form was made in error. If the voter signed the B envelope, a Request for Assistance form is NOT required. In this case, the ballot may be processed. The Ballot Officer, of course, must ensure that the B envelope is completed correctly with no material omissions.