Email B Envelope

The email B envelope is similar to the UOCAVA B envelope and is subject to the same set of material omissions. Remember: A voter signature and a witness signature are the only requirements. However, for the November 2020 election, the witness signature requirement has been waived.

As mentioned previously, the voter prints a copy of the B envelope. Notice the dotted lines that indicate “Fold Lines”. After the voter marks his ballot, he will fold the B envelope around the ballot so that the ballot is enclosed within. Be prepared for lots of tape, glue, etc.

The ballot must be enclosed in the B envelope.

Possible Circumstances:

  • Some voters cut on the dotted lines and tape the information portion onto a separate envelope, placing the ballot inside this envelope before inserting everything inside the outer mailer. This ballot can be preprocessed.

  • If a voter cuts along the dotted lines and only places the information portion into the outer mailer with the ballot, this ballot cannot be preprocessed. The ballot was not enclosed in the B envelope. Place the mailer with all contents in the “Not Processed” table box.