Ballot Officer Details: Steps 1 - 3

  • The Ballot Officer receives a set of mailers, consisting of domestic and/or UOCAVA mailers.

  • The mailers will be banded together in batches of 10. For example, a set of mailers may consist of 5 separate batches of 10 mailers each. Therefore, the set will consist of 50 mailers at the start (5 batches of 10). It is important to keep these batches separate when preprocessing.

  • These pre-batched mailers will all include a scannable bar code on the voter’s return address label.

  • The Ballot Officer quickly “eyeballs” the entire set of mailers to ensure that they are all from the same CD (use the color coding). Then look for and remove any email ballots (because these do not have a scannable bar code) and any Unused mailers, FWABs, and Voids. Give these to the shift leader.

  • Count the remaining mailers in the set. Keep in mind that if you have removed any irregular mailers (emails, unused, FWABs, or voids), some batches will now have fewer than 10. Record this number on the Ballot Count Worksheet at “Set 1 – Total Mailers at Start”.