VERIS Batch Scanning: Step 1

There are two different ways to use VERIS depending on whether or not there is a scannable bar code on the voter’s return address label.

We are going to begin our discussion with the **batch scanning** method. Batch scanning is utilized when your set of mailers all have scannable bar codes, typically domestic and UOCAVA submissions. It is the method you will use most often during preprocessing. If done properly, batch scanning is very efficient.

In this course, the second method, checking in mailers individually, will not be covered. This method is typically used for mailers without barcodes (such as emails) or with damaged bar codes. Some teams may be given “on the job training” during preprocessing to handle the check in procedure for these types of mailers.

To begin batch scanning, the VERIS Officer will log into VERIS and land on the VERIS home page. Place the cursor over “Absentee” on the navigation bar. Then select “AB Batch Receipt – without IDs” from the drop down menu.