VERIS Batch Scanning: Step 3

After the Ballot Officer scans the bar code, you will hear a “beep”. The beep indicates that the bar code has been successfully scanned. The voter’s name will appear in the name field. The voter’s ballot Status is “Marked” and the Status Reason field will indicate “Ballot Returned”. If the status field reads anything other than “Marked”, call the shift leader.

Listen carefully as the Ballot Officer reads the name and address of the voter, as it appears on the B envelope. Is this the same voter? You will read the voter’s name aloud, as it appears on the VERIS screen, to confirm that the correct voter has been located.

Change the ballot status from “Marked” to “Pre-Processed”, using the drop down menu. Confirm aloud to the Ballot Officer that the status has been updated by saying “Pre-processed”.

The Ballot Officer can now scan the next mailer.

Please note: Although rare, if a voter’s name on the B envelope does not match the scanned name in VERIS, place mailer with all contents in the “Not Processed” table box.