Batch Scanning: Step 4

After the Ballot Officer scans the next mailer, a second name appears on the VERIS screen. (See topmost image.)

The VERIS officer continues the process:

  • Listens for the “success beep”.
  • Listens to name and address of voter as read by the Ballot Officer.
  • Reads voter’s name on screen aloud to verify that scanned name and name on B envelope are a match.
  • Changes the voter’s ballot status from Marked to Pre-Processed. Verifies the change of status by confirming “Preprocessed”.

This process will continue through all the mailers in the batch (up to10 mailers). Be sure to quickly check the Status field to ensure that “Pre-Processed” appears after each voter’s name.

After all mailers in the batch have been preprocessed, CLICK SAVE at the bottom left-hand corner of the page. This is a critical step.

After the entire batch has been saved, the Ballot Officer will reband the mailers and place the entire batch in the “Saved in VERIS” table box. Begin preprocessing the next batch of 10 mailers.

Remember to process no more than a batch of 10 mailers at one time.