Preparation of Ballots

After a complete set of ballots has been preprocessed, remove the ballots from the B envelopes. Place the FOLDED ballots in the cardboard box labeled “Ballots”. Place the mailers with empty B envelopes in the “Mailers with Empty B Envelopes” table box.

Ballots must be flattened and counted before reconciling. After reconciliation, the flattened ballots will be stored in ballot security cases. Both team members will help to complete this task.

Ballot Unfolding

To prepare ballots for reconciliation and storage:

  1. Remove ballots carefully from the ballot collection box and unfold.

  2. As ballots are unfolded, carefully inspect for the following issues: tears, slices, damaged or missing code channel marks, crimped top or bottom edge, smudges, or foreign material. Set aside damaged ballots by clipping together so they remain segregated from the other ballots.

  3. Back-fold the crease on each fold in the ballot. A few ballots can be back-folded at once. Do not over-bend the ballot, as this may cause it to bend in the opposite direction, weakening the fold or creating an additional fold.

  4. Roll up the longest side once, perpendicular to the creases.

  5. Put the ballots in the same orientation and with the fold lines “nested.”