• What is necessary to process an ID Required Mailer? An “ID Verified” sticker affixed to the mailer by Office of Elections staff prior to preprocessing. The “ID Verified” sticker indicates that the voter’s ID was reviewed and approved.

  • You will require two sets of logon credentials. What are they? Fairfax County and VERIS

  • Can batch scanning be used for email ballots? No, batch scanning requires a scannable bar code. Email ballot mailers do not have bar codes.

  • The VERIS Officer must verbally confirm three pieces of information to the Ballot Officer. What are they? The VERIS Officer must verbally confirm 1) the voter’s name (as read from the computer screen), 2) that the voter’s ballot status has been updated to “Pre-Processed”, and 3) that the changes have been “Saved”.

  • After a set of envelopes has been successfully saved in VERIS, what happens next? Both team members work together to remove the ballots from the B envelopes, to unfold and flatten the ballots, and to reconcile the counts between ballots and B envelopes.