HIGHLIGHTS FOR THIS ELECTION: Updated Ordinance on Firearms in Polling Places


  • On September 15, 2020, the Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance whereby firearms, ammunition, components or combination thereof are prohibited in buildings, parks, recreation and community centers owned or used by the County, or authorities and entities created or controlled by the County.
  • This prohibition is also in effect at permitted events in buildings not owned by the County, or by any authority or local government entity created or controlled by the County, when such building, or part thereof, is being used for a governmental purpose. Voting falls under this section of the ordinance.
  • Therefore, no weapons may be carried, concealed, or possessed in the portion of the building reserved and used for voting. In addition, the following restrictions apply:
  • Schools – Firearms are not permitted anywhere in the School or on School grounds.
  • Government Facilities – Firearms are not permitted anywhere in government facilities and we will post a sign providing this notification.
  • Private Facilities – Different rules associated with firearms apply at individual private facilities, but firearms are not permitted in the polling place in any private facility on election day.