Due to the length of the ballot, you will have ballots in four different languages for this election instead of having all four languages on the same ballot. As the default, you should instruct your Ballot Officer to give all voters the English language ballot.

We will provide you with a sign informing voters that they may request a ballot in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, or Korean and the sign will be printed in all four languages. Please post this sign in front of the Ballot Table. Your Ballot Officer should NEVER ask a voter what type of ballot they would like. It is the voter’s responsibility to request a ballot in a different language and we do not want to assume that any voter wants something other than an English language ballot.

You will also receive Presidential-only ballots (10 for each language) and Federal-only ballots (10 for each language) that will be packed in a box with your foreign language ballots. You will use these ballots if there is a message on your Poll Pad indicating that the voter should not receive the regular full ballot. Please call Voter Registration staff at 703-324-8765 if you have any questions about these ballots.