For this election, many polling places will have high school students serving as Election Pages to assist Election Officers and voters. These students are volunteers who have completed a training class in election procedures, the use of the voting equipment, and how to assist persons with disabilities. They may not mark the pollbooks, issue ballots to voters, or operate voting machines. Pages can help set up and take down voting machines and Poll Pads.

Pages can also serve as Greeters, fill out the purple line-length survey form, direct voters to the proper room in co-located precincts, direct voters to the Absentee Ballot Drop-off Box if they are just dropping off a voted absentee ballot, and assist disabled voters. Pages can also help count ballots throughout the day. Do not confuse Pages with 18-year-old Election Officers. The 18-year-old Officers are registered voters who have all the same legal responsibilities and authority as other Election Officers.

Pages are required to wear face masks and/or face shields. Pages are also required to social distance at least 6-feet away from voters, Election Officers, and anyone else in the voting room.