CONTINGENCY RESPONSE PLAN FOR COVID-19: Message from the Election Manager on Contingency Response Plan

This is a message to all election officers from the Election Manager, Eric Spicer.

“It is our responsibility to provide each eligible voter in Fairfax County with the opportunity to exercise their right to vote in an efficient and equitable manner. The Fairfax County Electoral Board, the Director of Elections, the hard-working staff in the Office of Elections, and our team of dedicated Election Officers continually strive to provide voters with outstanding customer service, well-run polling places, accurate results, and an excellent voting process. In these difficult times, as we navigate uncharted waters, we will continually strive to maintain these high standards while also implementing a comprehensive plan to protect Election Officers, voters, political observers, county support staff, representatives at our polling place facilities, and any other individuals involved in the election process.

In March 2020, we began working with county staff, health professionals, and the State Department of Elections to enact every feasible contingency measure to combat COVID-19 at our polling places while also maintaining the integrity of the election process. As a result of these actions; detailed training; and successful communication and feedback between our dedicated staff and Election Officers, we were successful in our efforts to maintain the very high standards that Fairfax County residents expect and deserve.

For the November 2020 Presidential Election, we will expand the successful measures that we implemented for the June 2020 Primary Elections, which were well received by more than 95 percent of our Election Officers according to a post-election survey. In addition, we will provide a dedicated PPE Specialist; additional PPE supplies and materials including acrylic sneeze guards for check-in stations, the ballot table, and the Chief’s table; disinfectant/sanitizing wipes; and additional social distancing signs and arrows in an effort to further improve and enhance our Contingency Response Plan for COVID-19.

Although we will do our best to prepare and implement a thorough and comprehensive Contingency Response Plan, issues may arise that we have not foreseen, or you may have questions that we have not answered. In that case, please feel free to contact Election Administration staff at 703-324-4735 with any questions or concerns. We are in this together and I am confident that we will succeed. I welcome your feedback and appreciate your hard work and dedication.