CONTINGENCY RESPONSE PLAN FOR COVID-19: Use Round Blue Social Distancing Signs

We will provide you with 15 Round Blue Social Distancing Signs to place on the floor in 6-foot intervals. If your voting room is in a School, School Staff will provide you with large cones and you should tape the Round Blue Social Distancing Signs to the cones and place them in 6-foot intervals. In other locations you can use blue painter’s tape to tape the signs to the floor.

IMPORTANT: Do not affix the round signs directly to the floor. Tape them to the cones or the floor.

You can use the tape in addition (if necessary) to mark X’s on the floor in 6-Foot Intervals.

Place Round Signs and/or wide blue “painter’s tape” in 6-foot intervals as follows:

  • Leading to the door to the voting room
  • Leading to the Check-in table
  • Leading to the Voting Booth area and Voting Machine area