CONTINGENCY RESPONSE PLAN FOR COVID-19: Important Reminders from Contingency Response Plan

The following are important reminders from the Contingency Response Plan:

  • Voters can enter the polling place and vote even if they are not wearing a face covering.
  • Maintain 6-feet of Social Distancing between everyone in the polling place.
  • We are providing Face Masks and Face Shields for every Election Officer and Page.
  • We are not providing Face Masks or Face Shields for voters or poll watchers.
  • Face Masks and/or Face Shields must be worn by Election Officers and poll watchers in the voting room, even if no voters are present.
  • We are providing a PPE Specialist who will receive special training to oversee social distancing and sanitizing all surfaces touched by voters, Election Officers, and anyone else in the voting room.
  • We are providing Acrylic Sneeze Guards that are to be set up at every check-in station, the ballot table, and the Chief’s table. These sneeze guards should be set up before Election Day. Important Note: You are still required to place an extra table in front of the check-in tables, ballot table, and Chief’s table to maintain social distancing. We emailed you pictures that show you how to assemble the sneeze guards. Please call your Rover if you have any questions. At the end of the Election Day, please take the sneeze guards apart, put them back in the boxes that they came in, and put the boxes on top of your Voting Equipment Cart.
  • Use Spray Disinfectant to frequently sanitize voting surfaces and other areas that are touched.
  • Use Alcohol Wipes to clean Poll Pad and ExpressVote screens.
  • Election Officers are to be given frequent breaks.
  • We are providing Hand Sanitizer for Election Officers to use throughout the day and for voters to use only as they exit the polling place.