NON-ROUTINE VOTERS: Mailed Absentee Ballots

If a voter has a completed absentee ballot envelope, first remind them they have the option of depositing it in the Absentee Ballot Drop-Off Box. Of course, some voters may not want to do this and will choose to surrender their absentee ballot so they may vote in-person instead.

If the voter has the ballot and chooses to surrender it, ask the voter to hand it to you, write ABSENTEE SPOILED on it, and then you can process the voter as a routine voter on the Poll Pad. You will need to provide a password to update the voter’s status on the Poll Pad. The spoiled ballot will go in Envelope #4.

If the voter does not have the absentee ballot with them, they can still vote provisionally. Provide them a GREEN Provisional Envelope, Provisional Notice and a ballot. Make sure the envelope is filled out completely and the reason code #4 box is checked.