Updates from November 2021 Election

Before you go, we want to bring your attention to some notable updates from the last election.

With each election, we look for ways to update our procedures in order to improve the security, accuracy, and transparency of the election process.

Updates from the November 2021 Election:

  • Fairfax County moved away from using iSync drives to manually update the voter data file on each Poll Pad. We are now able to complete this process wirelessly with the secure election database. This allows us to have the most up-to-date voter data file and setup more efficiently on election morning.

  • Curbside procedures remain largely the same for when a voter needs to vote from their car. However, now officers may transport the poll pad outside to complete the check in process in front of the voter.

  • If you served prior to November 2021, you are likely familiar with spoiled and void ballots. A ballot is marked ‘spoiled’ if a voter makes a mistake and wishes to exchange the ballot, whereas a ballot is marked ‘void’ if the voter leaves and the ballot cannot be cast. A voter may also wish to exchange their mailed absentee ballot at a precinct. In the past, we would designate these as spoiled ballots, as it is another type of exchange. Since November 2021, we now mark these ballots as ‘absentee surrendered’ to distinguish from other types of spoiled ballots.