Additional Recent Updates

Here are a few other updates that were implemented prior to the November 2021 election:

  • Voters may deposit their marked absentee ballot in a drop box at any precinct in Fairfax County. Drop boxes appeared in every precinct on election day beginning in November 2020.

  • In that same election, November 2020, we began assigning collector officers to all precincts. Collector officers leave the polling place once polls have closed with voted absentee ballots and the flash drives from the DS200s to bring them to the Fairfax County Government Center.

  • The final update we want to share is about the Poll Pad application. If you served prior to the June 2021 election, you may notice the Poll Pad screen looks a bit different, just like when you update an app on your phone! The important thing to remember with this update is to wait until you see the dark blue confirmation screen to indicate that you have successfully checked in a voter.