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Once you arrive at your assigned polling place, both morning and afternoon pages will check-in with the Chief Election Officer. Who is this person?

The Chief Election Officer, or Chief, is the person in charge of the polling place on Election Day. The Chief is an experienced officer of election and oversees the election team and polling place operations. The Chief is responsible for making sure the polls open and close on time and accounts for all ballots, supplies, and forms.

Prior to Election Day, the Chief will be given a roster that includes the names and contact information for his or her election team. This list will include the student pages. The Chief will contact their team within the week or two before the election to verify attendance and answer any questions. When your Chief calls you, they should give you their cell phone number in case you need to reach them for any reason.

So, once you arrive at your assigned polling place, you will check-in with the Chief. You will take an oath and sign the oath form. The Chief will give you a badge to wear for the duration of your shift.