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This diagram illustrates the path of the voters through the voting room. Keeping in mind social distancing, once voters reach the check-in tables, they will provide their name and address to the election officer. The election officer will look them up on an electronic device. In Fairfax County, this is called the Poll Pad. It contains all of the voters registered in every precinct in Fairfax County. The law requires that on Election Day, voters must cast their ballot in the precinct to which they are registered. The law also requires that every voter present one form of required identification.

In some polling places, once a voter is checked in, they are given a paper ballot and a single-use “I Voted” pen. Some voters may choose to vote on the ExpressVote, or EV machine. The EV allows voters to use a touch screen to generate a marked ballot. This is especially important for voters with limited mobility, eyesight, or even limited English because it allows them to vote independently and privately.

In some polling places, a voter may be directed to a ballot table after he or she has been checked in on the Poll Pads.

Once the voters have either marked their paper ballot or generated their ballot in the EV, it is then taken to the scanner. The scanner accepts both types of ballots. Once the ballot is successfully cast, the voter then leaves and instead of an “I Voted” sticker, they can take their “I Voted” pen with them.