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So here is a list of many of the tasks assigned by the Chief to both morning and afternoon pages. Counting unmarked ballots throughout the day; helping keep the voting room clean while assisting with social distancing measures; greeting voters and asking them to have their ID ready. Note: Virginia law changed on July 1, 2020, and a photo ID is no longer required. You may be asked to show voters the list of what is now acceptable identification.

Keep lines orderly and if you are assigned to co-located precincts (two polling places in one building), you will make sure voters go to the correct voting room; you can show voters the instructional and informational posters and brochures; assisting seniors and voters with disabilities (more on this in Session Three!); Complete the Line Length Survey; Throughout the day, you may be asked to check on the inside and outside signs to make sure they are still up; and very important, if you are bilingual, you may have been assigned to a precinct with a higher concentration of voters who speak a language in which you also have fluency. I encourage you to offer your assistance in these circumstances.