Absentee Ballot Collectors (2)

Closing Procedures

  • During Closing Procedures, you should first prioritize shutting down the DS200 scanners and removing the USB flash drives.
  • Place 4 USB flash drives (2 from each DS200) in the purple pouch.
  • Give the purple pouch to the Absentee Ballot Collectors as soon as possible. (They are not permitted inside the voting room during closing procedures, so hand it to them through a doorway or window.)
  • As soon as the Absentee Ballot Collectors have the absentee ballot envelopes and the purple pouch, they should immediately leave to drive to the Fairfax County Government Center (no later than 7:30 p.m.).
  • We will provide more detailed written instructions to all Chiefs, Assistant Chiefs, and Absentee Ballot Collectors before election day.