There are a number of documents that require signatures from the Chief, Assistant Chief, and all Election Officers.

For all documents, the Chief should always sign in position 1, the Assistant Chief should sign in position 2, and the two Absentee Ballot Collector officers should sign in positions 3 and 4. All other election officers may sign in the remaining positions. Please try to have all officers sign in the same spot on each form (e.g. the officer who signs in position 5 on the Oath should sign on position 5 on all other forms).

Before you finish packing everything, use the Required Signature Checklist in the Chiefs Notebook to ensure that all officers have signed all required documents. If any required document is missing an Officer’s signature, we will call the Election Officer whose signature is missing and they will have to come to the Office of Elections within 2 days to sign them. It’s much better to make sure everything is signed on Election Day than to have to come to our office! But you should never have your officers pre-sign forms and labels during the day.