Slides Summary

001. INTRO: June 2021

Welcome to the PPE Specialist online training class!

This class will go over everything you need to know to be a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Specialist for the June 2021 Party Primary Election.

002. OVERVIEW: Intro

First, we will provide an overview of this class.

003. OVERVIEW: Overview

Review all information in these slides and notes at your own pace.

We will go over a number of topics, including: PPE supplies, what to do before election day, what to do during election day, and how to protect voters and election officers in the voting room.

At the end of this training, you must complete a quiz to receive credit.

004. OVERVIEW: Guiding Principles

Let’s first go over our Guiding Principles for Polling Places During COVID-19:

  • We will do everything in our power to protect election officers, voters, political party observers, and everyone else in the polling places.
  • We will ensure that every eligible voter in Fairfax County is able to vote in a fair, efficient, and equitable manner, balancing safety measures with the right to vote.
  • We will use common sense, good judgement, and the knowledge that we have gained during the past year to implement safety measures that are practical and sensible.

005. OVERVIEW: Your role as a PPE Specialist

Thank you for agreeing to be a PPE Specialist! We really appreciate your help serving in this important role.

What are your duties as PPE Specialist?

  • Help prepare voting room for social distancing.

  • Ensure that all election officers and poll watchers wear face masks or face shields.

  • Sanitize voting booths and other surfaces as needed.

  • Ensure other officers have access to PPE materials.

NOTE: As of now, all election officers must wear a face covering. We will continue to review guidance from the CDC and the State of Virginia and will let you know before election day if there are any changes to this policy.


We will now go over the PPE Supplies that we will provide to each precinct.


Each precinct will receive additional resources for this election. Your Chief will pick these up before election day and have them available when you setup the polling place.

Let’s start with the PPE Kit. Each PPE Kit contains:

  • Face Masks – 1 box.
  • Face Shields – 2 per precinct.
  • Gloves – 1 box of large gloves.
  • 75% Alcohol Moist Wipes – for cleaning the Poll Pads, the ExpressVotes, the DS200 voting machines, and other surfaces.
  • Spray Disinfectant and paper towels to clean voting surfaces throughout the day.
  • Hand Sanitizer for election officers to use throughout the day.
  • Hand Sanitizer for voters to use just before they leave the polling place.

008. PPE SUPPLIES: Social Distancing Signs and Materials

In addition to the supplies in the PPE Kit, each precinct will receive materials to help enforce social distancing, including:

  • Social Distancing “Welcome” Signs that have been prepared by Fairfax County with the county seal at the top of sign.
  • Social Distancing Signs prepared by staff in the Office of Elections.
  • Social Distancing Round Floor Markings (to be taped to large cones at schools or taped to the floor with blue “painter’s” tape).
  • Yellow Directional Arrows to help with social distancing.

009. PPE SUPPLIES: Acrylic Sneeze Guards

Each precinct will also receive 4 clear Acrylic Sneeze Guards to be placed at the Check-In tables, Ballot Table, Chief’s Table, and other areas. Note that there is a cutout at the bottom to allow voters and officers to easily exchange materials (e.g. voter’s ID, ballots, etc.).

NOTE: The sneeze guards you receive will be completely transparent after you remove the protective cover. However, in this picture, we have added blue tape to the edges of the acrylic sneeze guard so you can see it better.


We will now go over how to set up your polling place before Election Day.


You should coordinate with your Chief and assist in setting up the voting room before election day.

Post social distancing signs and markings throughout the voting room. This will give all officers more time on election morning and will be a good opportunity to familiarize yourself with your polling place.

Place an extra table in front of the Check-In Tables, Ballot Table, and Chief’s Table to enforce proper social distancing.

Assemble acrylic sneeze guards before election day.

012. BEFORE ELECTION DAY: Post Social Distancing Sings with County Seal

Let’s start with where to put the signs we reviewed earlier.

We will provide you with two laminated copies of the social distancing signs with the county seal. Post these signs at the entrance to the voting room.

013. BEFORE ELECTION DAY: Post Social Distancing Signs

We will provide you with 6 copies of a yellow 6-foot social distancing sign and 6 copies of a blue and white social distancing sign. You should post these signs at the following locations:

  • The entrance to the polling place (building)
  • The entrance to the voting room
  • Check-in tables
  • Voting Booth area and Voting Machine area

014. BEFORE ELECTION DAY: Post Social Distancing Signs

Lastly, we will provide you with 15 Round Blue Social Distancing Signs to place on the floor in 6-foot intervals. If your voting room is in a School, School Staff will provide you with large cones. You should tape the Round Blue Social Distancing Signs to the cones and place them in 6-foot intervals. In other locations you can use blue painter’s tape to tape the signs to the floor.

IMPORTANT: Do not stick the round signs directly to the floor. Tape them to the cones or the floor.

Place Round Signs and/or wide blue “painter’s tape” in 6-foot intervals as follows:

  • Leading to the door to the voting room
  • Leading to the Check-in table
  • Leading to the Voting Booth area and Voting Machine area

You can use the tape in addition (if necessary) to mark X’s on the floor in 6-Foot Intervals

015. BEFORE ELECTION DAY: Yellow Directional Arrows

We will provide you with a sheet of yellow arrows to place on the floor to direct voters.

You can also use the blue painter’s tape in addition to the yellow arrows (if necessary) to mark arrows on the floor to direct voters.

Direct voters into the voting room and through the voting process in a manner that will prevent them from crossing paths.


Place an extra table in front of the following locations to enforce proper social distancing:

  • Check-In Tables
  • Ballot Table
  • Chief’s Table

017. BEFORE ELECTION DAY: Assemble The Acrylic Sneeze Guards

Each precinct will receive 4 acrylic sneeze guards. They will be packed in cardboard boxes.

Follow the instructions to assemble the acrylic sneeze guards before election day. Save the boxes for re-packing at the end of the day.

IMPORTANT: Wear gloves! The edges of the acrylic sneeze guards can be sharp.


We will now go over what you need to do during the day on Election Day.

019. DURING ELECTION DAY: Social Distancing

Ensure all individuals in the polling place are adhering to social distancing markings and remaining 6-feet apart at all times, even when speaking or interacting with each other.

Ensure the number of voters in the voting room does not impede on anyone’s ability to remain properly socially distanced.

020. DURING ELECTION DAY: Face Coverings

Ensure election officers are wearing a face mask or a face shield while in the voting room. We encourage all election officers to wear a face mask, if possible. However, if an election officer says they cannot wear a face mask (e.g. for a medical reason), they are permitted to wear a face shield. You should not question someone’s reason for preferring to wear a face shield.

Election officers may choose to bring and wear their own face covering, but our office will provide enough face masks for all officers.

Help ensure election officers wear face coverings properly (always covering nose and mouth, not pulled down to talk, etc.).

We will also provide gloves that election officers can choose to wear while handling materials, such as voter IDs. Election officers are not required to wear gloves.

021. DURING ELECTION DAY: Hand Sanitizer

  • Ensure hand sanitizer has been provided to election officers to use throughout the day.
  • Ensure hand sanitizer is available for voters to use as they EXIT the polling place.
  • Do not place hand sanitizer at the entrance as it leaves a residue on the ballot and can jam the DS200 scanners.

022. DURING ELECTION DAY: Curbside Voting

  • Two election officers will assist curbside voters.
  • Do not question any voter’s right to vote curbside.
  • Ask the voter to only partially roll down their window.
  • Approach the voter from the passenger side door of their car to maintain social distancing.
  • Handle only one voter at a time and follow our normal curbside procedures.

023. DURING ELECTION DAY: Additional Measures

  • Encourage election officers to wash their hands with soap and water before and after setup of the polling place and before and after meals.
  • Encourage your fellow election officers to take breaks throughout the day. If they take a break outside the voting room, they may remove their face covering.


  • Voters are not required to wear face coverings.
  • Remember that we are not permitted to ask a voter if they have COVID-19 or to treat a voter differently if they have a cough or if they appear to be ill.
  • Never infringe on a voter’s right to vote.

025. DURING ELECTION DAY: Poll Watchers

  • Poll watchers must first check-in with the Chief Officer and receive a badge that authorizes them to be in the voting room during the day.
  • Ensure poll watchers inside the voting room wear a face covering at all times. (poll watchers are required to bring their own face covering. Do not provide them with one from the election officer supplies.)
  • Ensure poll watchers are at least 6 feet away from voters and election officers at all times.
  • Ensure election officers speak in a clear and firm voice so they can be heard by poll watchers.


We will now go over how to protect election officers and voters in each area of the voting room.

027. VOTING ROOM LAYOUT: Voting Room Entrance

Ensure the door to the voting room is propped open, if possible.

Use different doors for voters to enter and exit the voting room, if possible.

028. VOTING ROOM LAYOUT: Check-in Table

  • Ensure all Poll Pads are setup and at least 6 feet apart.
  • Ensure an extra table is placed in front of each Check-In table.
  • Ensure blue painter’s tape is used to mark a rectangle on the check-in table.
  • Ensure voters are placing their ID in a box lid (from the box of privacy folders) to minimize direct contact.

029. VOTING ROOM LAYOUT: Ballot Table

  • Ensure an extra table is placed in front of each Check-In table.
  • Ensure sneeze guards are setup.
  • Use a box to exchange Voter Permit Cards, ballots with privacy folders, and pens to minimize direct contact.

030. VOTING ROOM LAYOUT: Voting Booths

  • Ensure voting booths are set up at least 6 feet away from each other.
  • Ensure you or another election officer retrieve pens left by voters and place them in the bag with the “Used Pens” label until they are sanitized.
  • Ensure you or another election officer sanitizes the voting surfaces inside the voting booths on a regular basis throughout the day.

031. VOTING ROOM LAYOUT: Voting Machines

  • Ensure 6 feet of distance between any voters waiting to use the voting machine.
  • Tear off 10 “I Voted” stickers at a time and place them on a table so voters can pick them up on their own.
  • Do NOT use the spray disinfectant to clean voting machines. Use alcohol wipes if the surface needs to be cleaned.


Congratulations! You have now completed this online class.

To receive credit for this class, you must still take and pass the quiz. You can find the quiz in the Election Officer Portal. Go to the Training tab, scroll down, and look in the bottom-right for a link labeled “Quiz”. If you do not pass the quiz the first time, you can take it again until you pass. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to call or email us.

This class is now complete. Thank you and have a great election day!