BEFORE POLLS OPEN: The week before...

The week before the election, there are 3 things you need to do.

  1. Attend a Chiefs Briefing. This is required, by law, before each election in which you serve as a Chief or Assistant Chief. At the Chiefs Briefing, you will learn about new laws and procedures that affect that election and you will receive your Chiefs Notebook and other election materials. Notably, Chiefs will receive a black rolling kit with many election documents and forms.

    NOTE: For the November 2020 General and Special Elections, the Chiefs Briefings will be available to watch online. You will also schedule a time to pick up your election materials.

  2. Visit your polling place. Sometime the week before the election, the Chief should visit your polling place to meet with building staff, see your voting room, and verify your gray equipment cart and DS200 scanners have arrived. The Assistant Chief should attend, if possible.

  3. Chief contacts election officers. The week before the election, the Chief should send an email or call all election officers to go over basic information. This includes making sure each officer is still working, they know where the building is, they know which entrance to use, and they know which room is the voting room. If any officers say they are no longer able to serve, let the main office know immediately.