BEFORE POLLS OPEN: Voting Room Layout

This is a sample room layout to give you an idea of how to setup your voting room.

  • In this room, the voter enters, asks any questions of the Voter Information Officer, and then proceeds to the check-in table with the Poll Pads.
  • If there are any issues checking in the voter, an officer would direct them to the Chief’s Table, where you may help resolve the issue.
  • After the voter is checked in, they move to the Ballot Table where they will receive their ballot. Each ballot may be inserted in a privacy folder.
  • After receiving a ballot, the voter goes to the voting tables and sits in an empty privacy booth.
  • If the voter elects to use the ExpressVote accessible marking device, an officer should guide them there. Note that the ExpressVote also has a privacy booth around it.
  • Lastly, the voter moves to the DS200, scans their ballot, and exits the room.

The voting room should always be set up to have the voter move in a circular fashion, with an election officer at each station to help guide them.

NOTE: The Contingency Response Plan for COVID-19 requires the precinct to limit the number of voters in the voting room and for voters to maintain a 6-foot distance between themselves and other voters and election officers. You will have to plan your room setup accordingly; try to have one-way travel patterns to the extent possible. You will also need to space out tables, privacy booths, and equipment. The privacy folder should not be re-used by another voter. Ask the voter whether they want a privacy folder before offering one.