NON-ROUTINE VOTERS, PART 1: What if...voter needs assistance?

Some voters may need help to vote.

  • A voter may have someone assist them in the voting booth with reading, translating, or marking the ballot.
  • Almost anyone may assist a voter, including a friend, family member, or even an election officer. There are only 4 people who may not assist a voter: a candidate, a poll watcher, the voter’s boss, or the voter’s union representative.
  • If a voter is assisted, the voter and their assistant must both sign the Request for Assistance form.
  • There is one exception: if the assistant chosen by the voter is age 15 or younger, such as their child, neither the voter nor the assistant is required to complete the form.

How do you process an assisted voter?

  1. Ask the voter and their assistant to complete the Request for Assistance form.
  2. On the Poll Pad, select the Assisted flag.