NON-ROUTINE VOTERS, PART 1: What if...voter is curbside?

Some voters may choose to vote curbside. They would pull into a designated curbside voter parking spot and call the phone number you have put on the curbside voting sign.

  • Voters who are disabled or age 65 or older may request to vote outside the polls. You should not ask for additional proof if someone asks to vote curbside.
  • The Request for Assistance form is NOT required for curbside voters. However, you may want to take this form with you when helping curbside voters in case they have someone in their vehicle who will be assisting them.
  • In November elections, you may have high school pages assigned to your precinct. They may accompany you, but they may not directly help curbside voters.

How do you process a curbside voter?

  1. TWO officers go outside to get the voter’s ID, then return inside to check-in the voter. (Do not bring the Poll Pad outside.)
  2. TWO officers go outside with a ballot and stay until the voter completes it, then return inside to cast the ballot. (Ask the voter to wait to get confirmation their ballot was successfully cast.)
  3. An officer goes outside to inform voter their ballot has been successfully cast. (If the DS200 scanner did not accept the ballot, you would spoil the ballot and issue the voter a new ballot.)

Remember that you must always wait with the voter until they finish marking their ballot. If you do not stay, the voter could leave or give their ballot to an outside campaigner – don’t let that happen!