NON-ROUTINE VOTERS, PART 2: What if...voter is in the wrong precinct?

What if someone shows up to vote, but they are not registered in your precinct?

  • First, you should strongly encourage them to go to the correct precinct, if possible. Virginia law states that you must vote in your registered precinct on election day.
  • If the voter is not able to go to the correct precinct in time, then as always, offer a provisional ballot. All provisional ballots are adjudicated by the Electoral Board.

Note that the Admin Poll Pad at the Chief’s Table can print directions from your polling place to the voter’s correct polling place, which you can give the voter. Again, you should do everything possible to get the voter to their registered precinct, where their ballot has the best chance of being counted.

TIP: You can write your name, title, and phone number on the back of the printed directions slip so the voter can show that to the Chief at the other precinct in case there are any questions.