NON-ROUTINE VOTERS, PART 2: What if...voter has moved?

If a voter has moved, you will frequently consult the Moving Conditions on page 10 of the What-Ifs. These can often be the most confusing thing for a new Chief or Assistant Chief, but we’re going to walk you through it!

First, you should ask the voter when exactly did they move. Once you know the date they moved (or at least the month and year), you will look for the correct row that matches. For example, a voter who has moved in 2020 would be in the row that is for “after 11/5/2019”.

Next, you need to determine how far the voter has moved. If they moved within the same precinct, we can look towards the leftmost column in green and see they can always vote. Similarly, if they have moved out-of-state, we can see the rightmost column in red and see they cannot vote normally, unless it is within 30 days of a presidential election. However, you should always offer a provisional ballot.

The hard part is when they have moved within Fairfax County. You will need to determine the Congressional District of their old and new precincts. You can either call our office or visit on your phone. Depending on if they moved within the same congressional district or into a different congressional district, you would look in the corresponding columns and find out if they can vote.

Generally speaking, a voter who has moved will have to go to their registered (“old”) precinct.