PROVISIONAL BALLOTS: Filling out a regular provisional envelope

Let’s continue the example with a voter who is already marked as having voted.

  • Because this is NOT a no-ID provisional situation, you will use the regular green envelope. 
  • Here, the voter and officer again complete the front of the envelope, including signatures from each person.
  • In this situation, you must also complete the back of the envelope - select a checkbox and write notes!
  • Here, we have selected reason code #5 (voter is showing in the pollbook as already having voted) and wrote some notes at the top of the envelope to explain that we think we checked in his son by mistake earlier in the day.

Remember, any notes should be written or attached to the outside of the envelope, so the Electoral Board can review them before they make their decision. You may offer the voter a separate piece of paper for them to write their own notes, then staple it to the envelope.