ACCEPTABLE IDs: What if a Voter has no Acceptable ID?

If a voter does not present an acceptable form of ID, you should always call the Chief, Assistant Chief, or Non-Routine Specialist! They are trained on alternatives, including:

  • The voter can complete an ID Confirmation Statement. This is a new form that allows the voter to attest to who they are and then vote normally on election day.

  • The voter always has the option to complete a Provisional Ballot and submit their ID later. Some people think provisional ballots are only counted in close elections. Actually, the Electoral Board reviews all provisional ballots and every ballot they accept is included in the official results of the election.

  • The voter can return with an acceptable ID. However, many voters who say they will return later often do not, which is why we encourage Chiefs to still offer an ID Confirmation Statement or a provisional ballot in this situation.

In past elections, voters could come to our office to get a temporary photo ID used for voting. This service is no longer offered as a photo ID is no longer required to vote.