POLL PADS: iSync Drive

Each precinct receives 1 iSync drive, which is a small “thumb drive” that must be inserted in Poll Pads individually to update them. The iSync drive contains the most current list of registered voters and absentee voters.

You may ask, why do we need to use an iSync drive? Poll Pads must be prepared 2 weeks before election day so we can send them to your polling place in time, but do not include the final absentee voters or last-minute changes to voter registration. iSync drives are prepared 2 days before election day, after voter registration and absentee voting have ended. That’s why it’s so important to use the iSync drive to update your Poll Pads in the morning!

OPENING PROCEDURES: During opening procedures, insert your iSync drive into each Poll Pad to update it. If a precinct forgets to update a Poll Pad, it will have an older list of voters and it can take the Office of Elections up to 4 hours to reconcile the data for each Poll Pad.

CLOSING PROCEDURES: During closing procedures, insert your iSync drive in each Poll Pad to export the final voter list. If your Poll Pads do not wirelessly synchronize properly during the day, we can reconcile the data using the exports on the iSync drive.